TV Cube thing

Hi, What I’ve got is a beveled cube that has a 4:3 image put on one of its faces so it looks like a wierd looking TV. How do I get the camera to zoom in on the image perfectly? I’ve tried just getting the box to line up with the edges of the face that have the image on it, but it is always a little bit off, and that won’t do.

The effect I’m trying to achieve is that the camera, will start out zoomed into the texture so it fills the screen, it then zooms out a bit, the cube rotates around (to show a different texture) then it zooms in again. I’m using this for a background transition in the main menu of a game I’m making. What’s happening now is the last frame of the movie, and the image in the background of the menu, are slightly off so you can see it ‘jump’.

EDIT: I just reread the post and I realized my question wasn’t quite clear. What I’m trying to do is get the edges of the texture to perfectly line up with the edges of the camera view.

Add an Empty, snap it to the faces that have the texture, and Track your Camera to the Empty. Then set the Size X and Y of the Camera in F10, Format tab to match the 4:3 resolution.


Rotation isn’t the problem. The problem is that simple fact that things get smaller as they get farther away. The cube is at 0,0,0 and the camera is at 0,#,0 where # is the necessary y coordinate to get the camera to fit onto the texture.

Use a split screen to do it. Holding down Ctrl button while moving or rotating an object will cause it to snap to the blender grid which is really helpful when aligning objects. Put one screen on camera view and the other screen on top, front or side view and then drag and or rotateuntil you have perfect alignment with the camera. Making sire that your camera isn’t angled is a good place to start. Be sure and follow Fligh’s advice if you want it to just fill the screen, no morer or no less. Finally, enabling the “Passepartout” button (in F9 buttons when you have the camera selected) can make your life a whole lot easier as you have image contrast to help speed you along.