TV Intro High School Volleyball

Over this weekend, I created this logo/intro that will be used before the area high school volleyball games when they air.

Have a watch and tell me what you think! The encoding did some scary things to the color depth, but it still looks all right.

Click picture to watch

Modelling, Texturing, Rendering in Blender

SCTV19 logo recolored in GIMP (I didn’t create the original logo, however)

Music created using Anvil Studio and Synthfont, using the Merlin Soundfonts.

Everything thrown together in Pinnacle Studio 10

Total time…more than I planned (about 16-18 hours?)

Not bad, I would walk on the ball bounce a bit more, it’s a little floaty/jittery.

Thanks for the comment! Some more would be nice :wink:

The ball bounce is a recorded Bullet simulation, which has a tendency for jittering sometimes…but I fail to see it in this? I may not have the bounce resistance right, I don’t have the data on that, so I ‘eyed it’.

Maybe make the ball slow to a stop after the first time it hits the edge.