TV show intro.

im working on this one , i got to fix many things , improve the animation , the logo is not mine , is horrible , but is going good.

Looks very good to me. I know you said you were still working on the animation aspects, so I apologize if anything I mention you are already working on.

I think the animation when the photos fall to the ground could be a little faster/harder. I think it can still be in a sort of slow-motion movement if you want, they just seem to fall and bounce more like balloons and paper/photos. I can sorta imagine them falling a little more similar to leafs, spinning in the wind and then the wind suddenly stops, so they all fall to the ground. So maybe instead of falling straight down they swoop down a bit. Then perhaps after they are all flat on the ground, a little “push” of wind makes them scatter/shift a bit.

I don’t know if my description is getting my thoughts across, but I hope it gives you some ideas.

As for the logo, you mentioned it wasn’t yours, but if you gotta use that logo, I might suggest putting it on a background of some sort so that the red doesn’t bleed into the pink so much. Perhaps have a black band going across the entire frame, and make it a bit transparent so that you can still see behind it. You could even fade it in once the camera rotates to the top-view position. In fact, I think it might have a better effect if the entire logo didn’t appear until towards the end. It might add some anticipation for the viewer. Perhaps drawing out the viewing experience.

Anyhow, I like what you have so far. Also, I like the fact that the pictures are tilted at different angles. It would look a little too “application”-ish if they weren’t. I don’t know if my suggestions would work out, but they are some things that I would personally try, and I hope they give you some ideas.

Good luck!