TV Show Open

So I picked up a freelance job to do an animated open for a regional tv show. Thought I’d post my results. The graphics towards the end are just placeholders for sponsor logos. It’s not spectacular, but I really was only given 4 days to pull this off in my evenings after work, so considering that I think it turned out alright.



Wow. Great job! I’m impressed by the slickness of the graphics, and the use of depth-of-field. Would you mind sharing how you did the growing terrain effect? Is it a shape key morph?

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: When I came up with the growing mountain idea I was debating between shape keys or displacement modifiers, I wound up going with the displacement modifiers because I felt it was a quicker solution. I did three separate displacement modifiers and basically just texture painted the areas I wanted to be controlled by each modifier, then keyframed the displacement amount a little differently for each modifier so the mountains rose at different rates to give a little variation.

i love it. great job

I dont know if its intentional, but on the first view i didnt notice the mountains rising.

Its probably good that way as it doesnt detract from the logo/title of the show.

Yeah that was intentional, the mountains don’t start building up until the camera starts moving down. I wanted it to be evident what was happening and if I made it happen over too much time it would just look like the mountains were always elevated above the map, and you really wouldn’t see the motion of it.

Just a thought, it could be seen (from above) if you had hard shadows hitting the “map”.
It would make them cast those distinct long shadows.

Anyways it looks good as it is.

Would you happen to be from Montana? If so, which part?

I am indeed from Montana, from Billings in fact.

Haha, cool. Another Montana’n is in these parts. I was born and raised in Bozeman though I’ve been in Los Angeles for about the last 6 years or so. You should take advantage of Blenders new volumetric smoke effects to animate the tornado that just hit Billings a couple of weeks ago.

Sweet! Love the map unrolling!