tv show seeking comedy animation...

I saw this on a media industry website (, and thought some people here might like. I know nothing about it, so I can’t answer any questions. Doesn’t look like the mooches want to pay, but it could be fun.

TV Show Seeks Comedy Submissions

Gordon-Tynes Productions based at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is producing a sketch comedy TV show featuring comedic shorts submitted by independent filmmakers and video enthusiasts from around the world.
The show is called COMEDY NIGHT SCHOOL and it is ON THE AIR in Orlando, Florida on the CBS affiliate station, WKMG.
You can get YOUR comedy material directly on to network television and you DON’T need an agent. All you need is a sense of humor and a video camera.
Can YOUR comedy make the grade? Send it in to COMEDY NIGHT SCHOOL!
We are seeking video submissions in the following categories:
Comedic song/video parodies
TV show or Movie Parodies
Fake commercials
Comedic or Off-beat shorts
Anything short, entertaining and funny
(Material rated G through R is acceptable.)


Dangerous Stunts or Pratfalls (this is NOT “Jackass”)
Practical jokes on unsuspecting victims (this is NOT a hidden camera show)
Serious singing acts or bands (this is NOT “American Idol”)
Send signed releases (available for download at
with tape!
We will accept all formats; Beta, MiniDV, DVCAM, SVHS, VHS, DVD.

Submit to:
Doug Gordon
Gordon-Tynes Productions
1000 Universal Studios Plaza
Building 22A
Orlando, Florida 32819

For more details including submission guidelines and release forms log on to

Hey, that’s weird, I just finished making a fake commercial. :smiley: