TV show

what is the best TV show in you books

mine TDA
pm me for the real name

Red Dwarf. It’s better than life.

The Dead Aardvark?

Mythbusters 4 sure

The blank screen when I turn the <expletive> thing off.

Dexter would have to be the best show Ive seen on TV in a long time. Season 1 was a work of art, season 2 and 3 were also exceptionally good. Looking forward to season 4.

The people who wrote the plot and directed it are genius, Im sure of it :wink:

Would have to be either Flashpoint or House.

Star Trek, the whole Star Trek, and nothing but the Star Trek.

Total Drama Action

Colors of the Jay’n’Bow

  • nah… I rarely watch TV right now so I don’t really know… ^^

I stopped watching TV except for the rare special occasion. Being away from it for so long has allowed me to realize exactly how much marketing goes into every aspect of everything on TV. Nothing at all is left up to your own mind to figure out. Everything is an ad now, not just the commercials. The shows have pop song soundtracks, they wear designer clothes and have product placement in every available second of screen time. Everything is like that now, and it makes me really quite sad and disgusted at how low the entire thing has become.

Not all shows are like that these days, just most. Theres a few gems out there if you search around, which are well worth watching. But yes, the majority of new shows these days is all HD mass produced cliche character crap, filled to the brim with advertising.

A lot also start off as comedies, and then when the writers run out of clever ideas it just turns to some stupid drama, and of course the views cant stop watching it becasue by that stage they care about the characters too much to stop, really frustrating. Either that, or its one season of a mildly successful show (like prison break, or Heros) which gets twisted into some kind of mega 9 series long epic with the most far fetched storyline possible after the first season shows mild potential.

Stuff like Heros, Prison break, Bones, Flashforward, Lost, Eli Stone and so on, are all classified as gimmicky HD American crap.

Dont even get me started on the millions of crime dramas still popping up around the place… (I know Dexter is a crime show, but thats an exception, its ‘unique twist’ is not a cheap gimmick to suck viewers in, its the entire basis for the show ;))

I avoid TV. I’d normally say at this point that I like PBS…especially NOVA…but uhhh, even that show has been sucking wind these days :frowning:

I think the only show I actually watch is the Daily Show. Occasionally Spiderman cartoons if they’re on at night :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfft. Best by far is definitely nitro circus, on SPIKE.