TV Station Contest

Hey blendheads!
So there is a new Business TV station in Romanian and they organized a contest for their intro.
My project is made mostly in blender, only used AE for the flares and text.

Long story short, i need votes.

If you want, you can check out my other projects(that were good enough to post) here:

Big thanks and shout out to Andres Custom on for the original building with (CC-BY license).

Did you choose the type or is this their actual logo? If you have chosen the type treatment, I would consider something else. I would choose a sans serif display type with more weight. If you look at some examples of television studios you will notice that for the most part they go with a heavier weight. There is a good reason for this. Heavier typefaces work much better on television than typefaces with thin strokes. The thin horizontal strokes you have here will flicker on television due to interlacing. I don’t want you to think this is just me saying this to be some kind of know it all so I left you a link to someone else advising this plus other considerations on type treatments for television.

Is the Turning Torso in the logo of a Romanian TV Station? :spin:

I found the building on, and it was the closest to my ideea, sadly i didn’t have the time to model a building for this contest.

Thanks for the critique and especially for the article, i realize now that it should’ve been a heavier font.
Maybe next time I’ll research a bit before starting a project.