Tweak Films is hiring

FYI: If any of you are in the San Francisco area (or want to be) Tweak Films is hiring.

They’ve produced funny shorts that get played on some of the Nickelodeon kid’s channels here in the U.S. (that’s how I found them), but they’ve also done work for big-time movies.

They’ve done work on Lord of the Rings and The Day After Tomorrow. They are a very cool company. I compiled their native GTO Maya exporter for them and they were kind enough to give me a mention on their website.

They gave me some very good information about their professional workflow too. For me personally, this kind of thing is my ultimate goal:

We are a Linux/OSX shop mostly running Maya, Shake and Renderman-like renderers.

except replace Maya with an in-house developed Blender ;). It’ll be years before I can even hope to be good enough to work for them though. I’d imagine that getting a job there would be nearly as hard as getting a job at any of the more recognised VFX studios.