TweakingKnobs forest clip

Hi there , im doung this self promotion clip , its a camera flying through a forest , there are leaves flying , at the end you see a flock of birds , its composited with a paper texture, then at the end you see tweakingknobs , here at the end i wan to add more stuff , i want like a expolsion of colors , some butterflyes ,bubbles , lines and so on.

what do you think , how could i improve it ?

That is pretty cool! I like it when it went really close to some of the trees but some look as if the camera was actually going the tree which didn’t look right. And the birds didn’t look quite right but they were really close to awesome. All around this is a sweet clip. Can’t wait to see how you improve it!

Ditto what Dudebot said, except I would say the birds looked a little too tight in formation, and they turned a little odd. Really good work nevertheless :slight_smile: I really like the way you used the camera.

I like it one thing you might want to try is to make the letters appear when the birds fly by. A simple blend should do it.