Twilight Princess Link mesh

I took the advice of the people who think Wind Waker sucks. Now I’ve remodeled Link to look like the TP version.

Here’s a quick sreen

Post any crits or comments. I just need to rig and animate him now.

EDIT: Woops! I had originaly meant this to be in the Works in Progress forum… Oh well…


Thats pretty coll i have played all of them except this one so im nto really going to crit it.
I think maybe more detail though.

Thanks darksidownz, I tried to focus more on low-poly, rather than detail. I guess I could add it in texture or something. I’m working on a goron now in the same method. So I guess when it’s done I’ll post it here aswell.

If you want im bout to learn something about Sculpting and With your permision i wanted to know if i could add some detail and stuff maybe sword and shield etc.
Would you mind if i would?Ill send you the results.

Yeah. That’s fine. Please be my guest!

Awesome an i would love to see the goro cause im a HUGE Zelda fan.I dont have a wii or a gamecube so i havent played the new one.
Ill try to do my best work.I might make a scene and stuff to.
Oh and i was wondering do you have an msn for instant meassaging or something?

Yeah. I’ll PM you my email address.

O.k i added you i dont know if you got the request yet.

Nope. Not yet. Try and start a conversation with me.

It wont let me if you dont accept.

Hmmm, odd, ok, can you PM me your msn address?

you want the goron mesh ok one sec heres a pic: