Twilight Princess models

Ok, I got these Zelda: Twilight Princess models for 3ds. I imported them, but I don’t know how to get the textures on them. Btw, I am a noob to Blender so it would help if someone can also lead me into the right direction on how to do this. =3

Thismight help

If you downloaded the available pack, then they should be able to be imported with the .3DS files (although the textures are redundant in areas). Make sure that the textures are in the same folder as the .3DS model and that their names aren’t changed. The model references the textures from where they were in relation to the model itself. And when you import, turn on the option to “Image Search”.

Also, when you do manage to get the textures on the models, some of the .TGA’s have their own alpha channel. Just make sure to check the “UseAlpha” option in the Map Image tab of the Texture panel.

Iokua, what do you mean by image search when I import? Plus what is an alpha channel? Sorry if I’m making real stupid questions here, I have a limited knowledge of computers…
Oh, ok, I found the textures in the image browser, and yes, theyr’e in tga format. Although I don’t know what to do from there…please help ^^

Twilight Link: you have some reading to catch up… read the wiki manual - alphas and texturing are explained there… any shortcuts you take here would damage your understanding of texturing which you’ll need to know if you are any serious in doing 3D.

ristesekuloski is right. Do some reading about basic texturing and you’ll get the idea. :yes:

As for the “Image Search”, how are you importing the models? Are you using the built in script or another script? And, what version of Blender are you using?

Ok, first of all, I would like to thank you for the information, ristesekuloski, I’m going to try that right after this. Second, I import the models by going to “import” then I click 3ds for 3d studio (3ds… Then I go to the file the models are in, then import whichever one and there it is. Btw, I’m using Blender 2.44, pretty sure it’s the newest version.

You are doing fine! I have those models too, and they look good textured… :wink: Too bad they are copyrighted, but I guess they can be used for fan art…

Those models are amazing, although they were missing pieces (Master Sword, Hero Bow). I had to use alternate methods to get those.

The “Image Search” should show up right after you click your file and import it. There should be a Size constraint control and an Image Search button right below it.

If all else fails, then just add the texture to the proper body parts, and remember to set them to map to the UV coordinates. They aren’t named for their parts, so you’ll have to guess. If you want to know what goes where, ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Also, they may be copyright, but we can use them for fan art. Also, I plan on making a higher res model of some of the characters and make my own fanimation.

I’m sorry for asking again but…when I import, “how” do I use the option image search? Is it when I’m using import .3ds? Again…sorry I have so many questions.

You don’t have to use it. It uses itself, so long as the textures referenced by the 3ds file are where they are supposed to be, and that their names aren’t changed. When you import just make sure the little window that pops up looks like this:

So long as the “Image Search” button is on, the importer will look for any and all textures referenced in the 3ds file. It will then apply them as materials (usually with a “Diffuse” and “Opacity” map) and also as UV Mapped textures that show up in “Textured” mode (Just hit ALT-Z til you see them).

If you still can’t see them, make sure that the textures and models are in the same folder, with their original names.

textuures should automaticly be on there

oh yah textures

You can split your screen put Uv select on one and then Uv file select screenon another

Or you can at textures to the seprate meshes by clicking on the round sphere icpn adding a texture click on the mesh you want and the loading the pic