Twilight Series Show Reel

Hello guys,

So this is my finished video that is 1:30 min long that took 6 months to complete.
Not every day working. just working on it discontinuous in that 6 months.
There were a few reasons why i made it. The number one reason is in the video description.
Read it XD.

The next is the following:

[Bump mapping study]
[Ray tracing experiment]
[Different rendering options - failed]
[Texture mapping, no idea how long it took to texture that apple :(]
[Rigging - my first rig YAY]

The video is only 1:30 min long, in 720/1080 HD
Nice music with it to.

Please enjoy and comment :smiley:

screen shots for the picky onces

Looking back to FEAR:The Last Recon. There is so much stuff that could be redone.
But i guess that will have to wait.

Not to bash, and I know you’re still learning, but this is far far from finished. You made what looks like a pretty decent human model, but the animations look like a first draft or concept run, something that only a couple minutes was spent on, besides the completely stiff movement of the arms, the hands, wrists, and fingers don’t move at all, which causes some very ugly mesh intersections.

You say this was a texturing experiment but all you did was texture the apple, you didn’t even put a simple shader on the person, much less a basic color or bump map. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen an apple that bumpy.

I can appreciate that you put a lot of work into this and that it was mainly for a learning experience, but it’s better to go for a small project that you can finish than a big project that you can only scratch the surface of.

Also, just personal opinion, but the music and Twilight theme were very cheesy and overdone.

I’m not trying to crush your work but this is something that would be better posted in WIP or FC as a start of a project than something to post as finished.

Thanks for the comment. and for your op.

That stiff animation is like a BIG accomplishment for me. The reason why is that i spent like 30 times trying to get the amertures and the weight painting the way i wanted. Every time i tired it, the bones would look deformed or just bad. Like i said it was my first rig XD

Yeah i would go insane if i had to do all those fingers lol.

The apple texture was really difficult to put on it was either up side down,strikes,strokes. But after alot of tweaking i got it. And yeah the nor map was alittle to much XD

Just what i have to say. But thanks agian for your op. :smiley:

Like I said, I know you put a lot of work into this, but it’s a lot more rewarding as someone learning to take smaller bites. Not only is it more manageable to finish within a reasonable timeframe, but you are less likely to hit a potentially discouraging roadblock, and it will be a lot easier to appreciate the finished work, which would actually be finished.

For example, to learn to texture, just a simple still of the apple in a basic environment. If learning to weight paint, a simple biped rig, or if learning to animate, a very simple rig with no face, etc. The point is it’s better to take only what you can manage, too much at once and there’s too much compromise and not enough learning, and less to show for it at the end of the day.

Some people’s brains learn by attempting applied projects (apprentice-ship stuff) as opposed to building up from steps (academics). Not to trample your advice, but learning how to do tiny things first might not be the best way to learn for everyone, even if it sounds good on paper.

I agree with Zombiejohn. The video shows loads of creativity and talent - you might not have made a technical masterpiece but that takes time no matter which way you approach it. You should be proud of your work.

Please, scale down the bump-mapping next time. The apple looked awful and the chess board didn’t look realistic. Perhaps you should stick with more simplistic and stylized rendering.
However, I liked the direction and the flow of your animation, as well as the camera angles and movement. You did a good job there. Perhaps you should concentrate on direction and camera movement and collaborate with a character animator. This way you won’t spread yourself too thin and you’ll develop your talents better.
Good job for a beginner one-man (or is it girl?) studio, however!

Thanks for your opinions XD.

And yeah im a man :RocknRoll:
its all in the FAQs in the video description