A study of light and mood.
Concept by: Andrea Stangoni, model: Ashley Moore

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Very effective. The idea that she’s wearing a hair-bob(?) that’s inscribed with some kind of rune immediately engages your attention. The sculpture of her face is well-done, and the blue light that’s shining on her face as well as her bodice says that something very important and dramatic is just about to start happening to her right now. Meanwhile, the warm lighting on her hair and the top of her shoulder … cleanly separated by that hair-bob(?) … works well. (To my eye, “the earring, not-so-much.”)

Anyhow, there’s one very-clear compositional element – the hair-bob, which separates the image almost cleanly in half except for(!) the blue color which is obviously related to what she is now seeing. Excellent composition and execution.


That was awesome to read, mate. Thanks for the feedback.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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