I posted this in WIP a little bit back. The thread died but my work on this project did not. I have added and changed a lot in this pic since the WIP thread.(Which was called “the secret”.) I am ready to call this project done. I am very pleased with my final results. I hope you are to. So here it is

C&C welcome

here is a bigger version


overall very nice :slight_smile:

a couple of things that jump out at me

the piece in the foreground, which appears to be stone , the sharp edges seem to be out of place

also the door seems to be to small in relation to the shutters?

blend on



your textures are fantastic.

Very good. Here are a few minor crits:

-It needs more contrast. The picture looks a little flat.
-Your composition is a bit strange. Every object in the scene seem to be too close to the center. It’s hard to tell what your picture is focused at.

Anyways good job.
Keep it up.

Wonderful. Could you send me or tell me the texture you used for door handle. The whole image is simply brilliant. Fix that edge on the counter in the front and submit it to :smiley:

Thanks for the replys everyone.

lilo:thanks. I can see what you mean by the door and shutters sizes.

rusmannx: thanks

IgorSandman:thanks. the picture really isnt focused on anything in particular. Just the whole room in general.

HeadCheese: Thanks, glad you liked it. The textures are from the 3d total tex cd Volume 2. The door knob is actually one of the simpler textured objects. It just has 2 tex on it a col and a bump. Many of the other objects have 5 textures on them using a dirt mask to combine them. I submited it to I think I will leave the table, as that wierd corner is intentional. Although it is kind of wierd.

keep replying I want to know what others think.


That chrome vase thing really throws the image off IMO; it’s very confusing to look at with that reflection.

One more thing is that the room is so tidy, but dirty at the same time. This looks pretty weird because usually a dirty room is messy, not tidy.

Otherwise it’s pretty good.

I agree, great image, great textures, but that vase looks out of place. Just a suggestion, get an ornate texture and put it on as a bump map and then dirty the vase up a bit, but not so much that we can’t see the reflection.

hmm putting dirt on the vase is not a bad idea. I might try that.


Everything I would say has been said. Except the fact that the vase seems to have no thickness at all. Fix that and it will be better too.

Nice render though.


I changed the vase but the render didnt turn out clear enough so I am re-rendering it. I am not sure if I like the vase the new or old way.


Hard to tell from the lighting and reflections if it’s the INTERIOR of a room or EXTERIOR of a building? Kinda looks like there’s a SKY reflected on the vase and no strong shadows other than the one cast by the vase. Maybe add some color to the light source(s).

not exactly sure what you mean.


well, i think that he is trying to say that he cant tell whether the image is of the inside of a room, or the outside of a building…

i can see that its the outside, becuase the lighting is stronger at the top of the image, whereas the whole picture would be brighter if the image was the inside of a room…

although i do think that the vase is a bit out of place (the chrome version) as the whole image looks old and rustic but the vase looks to smooth and neat.

the door way also seems to smooth

nice job so far


Ah, I remember this. It used to have a trap door, no?

I love how it turned out. The texturing is still amazing!

yep it used to have trap door. Glad you liked the way it turned out :smiley: .