Twin GPU build (1070 + 3080)

Hi everybody !
I’d like to know if it’s posible to install two different GPU in a Computer ( NVIDIA Asus 1070 and 1080 ti) for GPU rendering ?

Of course it is as long as your motherboard has two x16 slots for GPUs and your PSU is strong enough for them

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Do you think a 700w PSU will be enough ?
And how about stability according to you ?

700w would be too tight. I would feel more comfortable with at least a 850w with a golden efficiency at least. What’s your motherboard?

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This is an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming

You can install 2 different GPUs, but bear in mind that you will be bound by the lower memory GPU which is 1070. Cycles might complain when it can’t fit it the data into the 1070. Things might have changed with Cycles-X which is the current version of Cycles in Blender 3.0

It is better to have similar spec GPUS but not rquired. On the otherhand you will get a speed bump for having dual GPUs that is for sure.

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Really interesting ! THX

It should work fine. Install the gpus on the two x16 slots, the first and 2nd. You should be fine.

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I’ll tell you the result :wink: