twin ruddersystem

I made this ruddersystem for free with some help on this great forum for my employer Promac.

The graphical folder is made by



Very professional, very nice work, you had to do a lot of that post pro? thanks for sharing.

Thanks for me it was a first experience to do mechnical modelling and animate it
with blender. I prefer character animation but is was very nice to do a something different to make with blender.
Now they ask me to make also hydraulic deck cranes and screw propellers. Must think twice about this.

Hey, nice one! Good to see it in a finished product. Cranes and prop’s shouldn’t be too hard. Are your employers going to build them?

could not do it without your help thanks
Our employers build the ruddersystem as you can see.
And this is a crane .


very nice work!
good job!!!