Twist effect

Hi guys,

I want to achieve effect like this -
I’ve created a rectangle with texture of my logo, and now I have to twist it somehow.

I’ve tried lattice, bones and also simple deform (in twist mode) but nothing looks like the sample from dribbble. The closest was simple deform, but it starts deform from both sides and I dont know how to just “twist it once” and get back to “not twisted”.

In what ways I can animate this?


you need a stretched cube with enough loopcuts along the length and the logo on each side, not a rectangle. Then you can use lattice or shapekeys.


Use a simple lattice 2x2x2, linear. You can either make shape keys for rotation of its ends, or hook each end to an Empty and animate the Empties instead.

animate_twist.blend (140.2 KB)

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