Twist in bezier

I have a twist in my bezier curve that I don’t know how to get rid of. Anyone know how to do this?

Also, I’ve used a circular bevel obejct, but for some reason when it’s attached to the bezier curve it becomes squashed - again, anyone know how to get this showing as it should?


Right now I have been searching for the answer to these horrible twists for hours. I have found several very old topics complaining about this, some 5 years old, and yet it seems the problem still persists.

That is very frustrating. I refuse to believe that blender curves could be so inferior to other programs. I really hope someone can tell us the answer.

Could you post the .blend?

perhaps this may be helpful:

It does work with the indicated procedure. In case the link turns dead:

  1. make your curve, ignore the twists.
  2. switch to EDIT MODE, select all vertices, press ctrl+h (add Hook to new empty)
  3. switch to OBJECT MODE, select the curve only (the hook/empty must NOT be selected)
  4. press r and turn until your result is most smooth. The curve won’t turn, as it’s held by the hook, but the twist will vanish at some point.
  5. Apply the hook modifier in editing panel and remove the empty

Still it’s a workaround at best. This sucks especially as I would guess it’s just a minor problem with values turning negative where the object-axis is crossed. No real clue why a problem like this is left unfixed through dozens of version-updates. Has anyone actually reported the bug yet?

it looks that ideasman42 fix it, hard to say where you can find it :slight_smile:

Yeah, this problem existed for years, it was well known and made curve modeling really awful. The workarounds did work most of the time but were really inconvenient. But, even though I don’t think there’s a build available with the fix by ideasman, it will be out there soon. So, if it’s not that urgent, I’d simply wait and not bother with the workarounds, which will be obsolete soon. Finally, it’s really great! :slight_smile:

The bug also affects path following too. Place your camera on that path and you will see that it flips around.

Is there a way to support the importance of this fix in the next release? I do not know how do they decide what should be priority or not and what will be left out or in. What can the user do tell them that most people think it is important?

Nice post, but it does not get us any closer to actually using ideamans fix.

If it is fixed, where is the link to download it?

Or is that just 2.5 propaganda?