twist one end of a curve with an array and how do I make this curve anyway?

I’m working on a plastic flip flop shoe and for the strap I’m trying to get one end of the strap to twist and rotate.
Right now if I select one end and rotate ® nothing moves. Is there a way to rotate one edge.

I’m using a nurbs curve, and a cube object that is slightly modified. Then using an array modifier and a curve modifier. I’m not sure if thats the best way to approach this and I’m still trying to figure out why the object needs to be dragged all over the place before I can get it to conform to the shape of the curve so that’s another mystery.

Don’t know exactly what you are wanting (blend file ?) but if you want to twist you can tilt the selected curve control points with Ctrl+T (Alt+T to clear tilt)

Alt+t seems to do nothing. I’ve enclosed the blend file.


STRAP01.blend (443 KB)

Duh, Ctrl+t
too much coffee is not enough coffee! That works btw.

Still having issues lining up shape to bend, it there a trick to this or a method for 2.66?

By my it works correct. Select one of the control points, Ctrl T, and move the mouse.

got the twist, but the curve trick is baffling me. Should I mark this solved and start a new thread or ask about lining up the object to the curve so I’m not zooming out 10x to see where the object starts off before I can drag it back?