Twister Image "Escape" with Animation

Hi there!

I would like to show you my latest work. It is an animation of a twister running down a desert highway and the first one of four in total. The overall topic is on spinning objects.
The animation was rendered with 200 and the still image with 400 samples per pixel.

Enjoy! :wink:

If the embedded video does not show up, please follow this link:

wow… so impressive.
Any tips on how you achieved that?

Thank you. :wink:

Basically I followed this tutorials for the tornado:

Tornado Tut part 1
Tornado Tut part 2

They are from Thomas Piemontese and highly recommendable.

The road and the mountains are being distorted with a displace modifier and a procedural texture that is being mapped to the global coordinates.
All meshes and the camera are parented to an empty object that is animated. This allowed me to animate the camera separately.

Great job. I might try out one of those tutorials sometime :slight_smile:

This is terrific. Great job.

Steve S

Thank you guys!

Brilliant! I would say the tornado looks more realistic that it’s surrounds, some desaturation to the road and desert might fix this. But overall well done! And thanks for posting the tutorial source links!

wow it’s great job!! it like movie cg

This is really really nice.


Great work! Reminds me of the movie Twister :stuck_out_tongue: