Twisting a camera path

Hey there! Maybe this is a common question, but I don’t really know what to look for :frowning: I’m trying to have my camera circle an object, move up steeply and then dive down towards the object from above, them slowly stopping so the object can be viewed. My problem: the path twists sideways coming down above, so the camera won’t display the object as it should, but rotated, it won’t stop in horizontal, or better, vertical alignment with the object, because the path twists. Can I myself twist the path without totally deforming it? Or do I have to put a LocRot on the camera at the frame in question? Or is there a right way of doing this :slight_smile:

In 2.5x, you select the vertices of the path where you want the camera to twist differently, then press CTRL+T (“twist”) and move your mouse 'till you’re happy. I like to move the camera in the area before doing this so I can evaluate what it will look like…

WORKS!!! Thank you :smiley:
Btw: am I missing out on some documentation or tuition? Where do you know that from? I was searching quite a bit, maybe I overlooked something?

I think I learned it on blenderartists months ago. My advice is: don’t forget it. (I almost forget it every time, and had to try it before posting to make sure I remembered the hotkey correctly. And now I’m just noticing it’s called “tilt” and not “twist.”)

While a comprehensive manual would be awesome, there’s something appealing to me about searching (and then posting on) the forums to find solutions, as you have. It’s a more organic process, just like using different blender branches to see what they do, etc. Plus there’s the wiki, sort of…

All rightie, so that seems to work in a limited way.
If you check that crappy video I rendered, you’ll see what I mean

Now, aside from this being a really bad animation (my first of that kind…) and ugly render (test only), how can I get the wobbling of the camera out? I inserted several keyframes to prevent the camera from toppling sideways more and more while moving to the top. Still, it looks like it’s drunk! I have checked a couple of tutorials now, but it’s never being mentioned anywhere. Also I don’t know how to twist the camera the right way in the end - it just (seemingly) uncontrollably jerks around as I tried to make it rotate right instead of left. Total junk.
Maybe someone can point me to a usable tutorial or so? :slight_smile:
Blendfile attached… sigh… ms_cubes_cut.blend (673 KB)
ANother question: how can I get the camera to move further away/closer, like a Zoom? No matter where on the path is is, it always seems to be equally close. I know I switched it to orthographic, because otherwise the whole thing would not work at all…

I think, for that animation, you’d be better off parenting your camera to an empty and then rotating the empty around. You could do the entire thing with just a few keyframes.

OK, gonna try that! Thanks, my Blender Jesus :smiley:

Oh, and for the zoom thing – that’s how the orthographic camera behaves. You can zoom in by animating the “Orthographic Scale” attribute for the camera. Hover the mouse over it, press I, and you can set keyframes, then manipulate those keyframes in the f-curve editor.