Twisting a circular shape?

I’m a noob when it comes to Blender, I’m a new user and trying to learn it, and I have this problem. I’m trying to make the OnLive logo (If you don’t know what it looks like, please google it as I’m marked as a new user and can’t post URL’s). So far I’ve hand drawn it, and it looks alright. But then how would I twist it? I’ve tried everything I can think of and just can’t get it right.

it’s not possible to model this logo by modeling a circle and twist it, because it is a moebius strip. here is a tutorial how to model a moebius strip in blender (it’s 2.49 but easy to transfer to 2.6x).

I see. But it doesn’t really have the same shape.

Well put 2 twists in it then

You can always fall back on creating the logo manually.

Place OnLive logo in background. Idea is to layout the mesh manually so that faces follow the segment of the curve. Set pivot to 3D curser at center so that you can copy rotate other two segments. From there, it is a simple bridging faces and giving it a thickness by applying Solidifying modifier. Make it smooth with Subdivision surface modifier.

Maybe even create a circular curve shape, add a bevel object for the profile of the logo elements and twist the sections of the curve? I think I’ll have to try this when I have time. Of course what ridix did works very well too. :slight_smile: