Twisting a curve

I’ve searched for this, but all the examples I can find are about removing twist from a curve. I want to add some.

There is the Minimum, Tangent, Z-up setting, but no way that I can see, to set the amount of resulting twist.

I have a mesh attached through a curve modifier that I’m trying different things with, I was trying to get a spiral effect of differing colours along the length of the pipe.

Any ideas?


what are you trying to do tho? how to do this will depend on what you wish to achieve. reference would be great.

you will most likely end up using the Simple Deformation modifier btw.

As with a low voltage electric cable, the negative line has a stripe along it’s length. I was trying to twist it just for interest. The curve isn’t overly complicated, but it’s the child mesh that would show the result.

Thanks, I’ll look at the modifier, see if I can work it out.

You’re looking for the curve’s ‘Tilt’. You can change this manually for each control point by pressing Ctrl T or modifying the Tilt value in the properties (N) panel.

Personally, to get a nice smooth twist, I use this little code snippet:

import bpy
curve = bpy.context.active_object
rotation = 0.5

for i, point in enumerate([0].points):
    point.tilt = i*rotation

To use it, copy/paste into the text editor, select the curve you’d like to use it on, and press Alt P with your cursor in the text window to run it. It helps if your control points are evenly spaced, or close to it.

You can also use the specials menu (w) and it’ll have an option to smooth the twist between the first and last selected control points. Comes in handy for some things.