Twisting a particle system?

So I want some sphere particles to emit from a plane going up. I would like this flow to twist. I’ve tried animating a twist of the plane using a simple deform modifier but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Anyone have suggestions to achieve this effect?

in the particles button, go to the physics tab and turn up the rotation. It should rotate. Or twist.

I don’t see a rotation slider in the physics tab under the particles button. Using 2.59. I tried keyframing the emitter geometry rotation but that didn’t work either.

whoa. 2.59… i didn’t see it on 2.59… Okay… here’s a trick. Try exactly what i said on 2.49 or lower. then append it to 2.59. that should work. :wink:

Thanks for your replies McThingy,

I’m in 2.49, rotation has been turned up but the particles still flow up with no rotation/twist.

Attached is my test.


ParticleTwistTest.blend (444 KB)

If you are using 2.5 or 2.6 try adding a vortex force field on the plane.

ParticleTwistTest1.blend (405 KB)