Twisting an object

I’m trying to twist an object. I’m looking for acchieving the same effect as done in this tutorial (<- Link) with 3ds max.
It’s where he twists the vine to make it seem a little more organic. I’m wondering if there’s also a simple function for that in Blender.

I hope you guys can help me.

This is stone age, sorta, but you always could grab the last vertices of the vine and turn on proportional editing and rotate them a litte, not sure if that would help :expressionless:

Growing things along a curved path can be accomplished with Arrays and Curves. Checkout some of the examples in the Wiki:

@Keith: That was actually what I was trying to avoide, but I’ll do that if there’s no other solution…

@DichotomyMatt: I know that, my question was about what to do when trying to spin it.

You can add an Empty as an Object Offset in the Array and twist the empty. This will cause the arrayed object to twist as well, while it moves down the path. Sorry, I did not watch the 27 minute video you linked to. Even with my high-speed connection it was taking forever to download.

I assume this is twisting a mesh…theres a taper/twist script that Ive seen, is that the kind of thing
Its probably better to explain what you are trying to achieve in a practical example as there may be a more appropriate way to achieve the same effect.

@DichotomyMatt: Ooh, I gotta try that. But making an array out of that vine? I don’t know about that…
Sorry, I didn’t think about that. Of course I didn’t want anyone having to watch that extensive tutorial…

@denshidan: There’s a script for this? Where could I find it?
I am trying to recreate this effect in Blender. I’ve done it in 3ds max (well, with the help of that tutorial, but Blender is my favorite 3D program.

could this be done with a series hooks on the mesh parented to each other using time offsets to twist the object?

Interesting idea…

I’ll give that a try!

here is the site for this script

try it and let us know with pic if it works fine


One more thing you could look at is the Elephant’s Dream Blends. Near the end they had some great animated tentacles. I however, don’t know how they made them.

@RickyBlender: Hmm… All it does is remove the texture… The settings seem to change nothing (besides almost crashing my PC)…

@DichotomyMatt: I don’t know either. I don’t think it’ll help that way :smiley:

well not certain what you want to do
that’t script does some sort of twisting or taper

here is anothere one that might do what you want

let me know if that;w aht you need


But for some reason it doesn’t work with me…

I want to twist the vines around their own axis. Meaning that they look a little more organic and somehow offset. It’s exactly what Andrew Kramer does in the tutorial to which I posted the link.

I’m still very new to Blender. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks now but there has to be some kind of way to do that.

make an helix path and do an extrude along path with curves
if it is possible

then you can shape the curve as you wish

mind you the last script might be able to do that for you i think


What is a helix path? Sorry, but never heard of it… Is there something special about it that a normal curve doesn’t have?

I’m also having another problem at the moment. When I want to move single vertices from a mesh or control points from a curve the whole thing moves (or rotates/scales). Is there an option I accidentally turned on?

it an helix path - there is a script that makes this shape as an helix

if that’s what you need - it should be in the list of script in wiki book
if you don’t find let me know i’ll traced it back

but this gives a path shape like an helix and you can extrude along it a curve shape

and you can always modify it toward the end depending on your need


Hmm… That’s a little too perfect. Is there a way to randomize the outcome?

can you give more details

what do you mean by that?

note: you can always change the shape of the curve afterward to change the overall shape


It looks like perfect screw. I want it to be twisted randomly.