Twisting Cables that are all different

I have several fiber optic cable illustrations I’ve made in Blender. One thing I cannot do is show how the fibers all twist. These fibers can be complex - things like 8 groups of fibers in one big cable. Each group has 48 fibers in one tube. They are all different colors. It’s not just 8 copper wires I am trying to wrap.

I cannot seem to upload/attach a file that would help illustrate this. I’m sure I could send it another way if anyone is interested. I am looking for someone to explain to me how to do this or tell me if it cannot be done. I would be willing to pay someone to do this if they could also explain to me how they did it.

I need to twist the top cables around the white strength member in the middle.

This is an example if how they twist.


you need like 10 posts before uploading files I think

try to show some pics
and show what you want to do with some sketches may be

are you talking about helix twisting or else
show some pics for this

happy bl

Thanks for explaining. That helped. Pics added. I have many different versions of cables I need to twist. The one I included is just one example. Some are very simple and some have twice as many cables.

Simple deform modifier has a twist option. If you set your central core as the axis object, and copy the modifier to all surrounding cables, they twist pretty well. You do lose some thickness, but it’s hard to notice.

Would I have to do this to each individual piece? I’m not sure how I copy the twist and paste to other elements. I tried just doing it manually, and I can’t use the same twist settings for one fiber with glass inside and have them line up. Not sure if that makes sense? I know how to do what you are suggesting above with 6 similar objects. Some of the cables we have have over 1,000 fibers inside.

I hope that makes sense. People have tried to show me how to do this, but they always give me an example of something simple. Would this method work for something more detailed like I have above?

Thanks for your previous input and any other advice you can offer!

I use the method in the first video - hope this helps. You didn’t mention how you modeled them but I will assume you used ‘Curves’.

Another solution that you can use, if you like is the addon miratools:

Once you setup the modifier on one fiber, select all the others and press ctrl+L to link selected, then press I to select Modifiers. this will copy the modifier to all selected objects.