Twisting Forearm Distorts Cuff Button

I’ve constructed a figure wearing a long sleeve shirt with a buttoned cuff (all mesh, no cloth sim). The figure’s hand twists through a segmented forearm bone.

The elbow-to-wrist twist looks very nice, except for the button on the cuff. The twist distorts it! I’ve been using this model for awhile and only just today noticed that tiny smeared button for the first time!

Is there a way to let this button follow the twist without being distorted by it? I’m too dim to figure this out on my own and I can’t come up with a search query that sends me to a solution.

I’d be very grateful if someone could help!

Make the button a separate object, and vertex parent it to the appropriate place on the sleeve. Just like the real thing, really ;).

Best wishes,

Oh, that’s right! That’s perfect!

You just saved me from my own dumb plan to make a shape key correction with a driver which would have just made a great big mess. I’m incapable of straightforward solutions!

Thank you very much, Matthew!