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  • using Blender 2.6

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  • Have created a path for a vehicle to follow, FOLLOW PATH, FOLLOW CURVE. If the path is in 2d (x and Y), no problem, but my path strarts level then goes up a mountain, with many turns. At the end of the path the vehicle(s) wind up terribly tilted, frustrating, :eyebrowlift2:

  • Thanks, Robert on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

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Each point on a curve has an associated tilt value. So select all the points on the curve in edit mode and press ALT-T to clear their tilt. You can also select a single point and press CTRL-T then move the mouse. This is how you can tilt just a portion of the curve to match your landscape.

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ALT-T with all points selected clears their tilt, apparently back to the original tilt that the happened when I created the path, not “tilting” or banking to level all the points, Ok understood. CTRL-T and moving mouse is the solution that will probably work for me. I will try it out on the long path I created winding up a mountain. By the way, since I am so new at this: is this kind of information available in the manual or somewhere? Thank you so much for your help. Regards, Robert