Twitter in Blender 2.5

Here is my first attempt of scripting with Blender 2.5.
I gotta say that the integration with the interface is :eek::eek::eek: awesome !!!

Script -

Note, the password hiding so far is merely illustrative :). The password as it’s is kept in the Blender file (I’m storing it in scene)

Have Fun !

  • big thanks to theeth for helping me getting over some python 3.1 odd changes :slight_smile:

EditL Updated to work with rev. 31365 - August 2010
Now it works as add-on

Edit: Updated to work with rev. 26569 - February 2010
Now we have an error when the message is longer than 140 and if the password is wrong.

I don’t use twitter anymore these days (dropped it in favor of facebook). But I think this is cool anyway. Maybe someday we’ll have “Blender-OS” to use for all of our activities :slight_smile:

so cool!

would it be possible to create a script, to “make window screenshot” every 3 minutes, or when i press a button, and automatically upload it on my blog(replacing the old one) or on imageshack and post it on twitter, so that people see all the time what i’m working on. that would be great.

this one can help

nice idea, actually, I wanted to do the same so my blender could tweet me each time it render a scene and send me a sample by twitpic or service like that. So then I can easely check the rendering on my cellphone while I’m gone.
Even better you could probably send some command by tweeting your blender. making a web interface on a side, where you can pick your settings which will send a tweet to your blender so it knows what to do (re-render the scene, changing settings, … you can PM me if you want me to give you more details though)

I updated the script to allow it to run straight from .blender/scripts/ui/
(it was only a matter of import bpy) [it’s in the same link as above]

WHAT? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Nice work that is just too awesome!

i agree that is really cool!

What a waste of time.

You could have actually been using Blender.

omg, 2.5 is going to be great!!

+1 to Atom,
apart from the methods used, this is a waste of time.

Hi. I don’t usually feed this kind of non-constructive comments. However in that case I think I may have something to add.

First of all, it’s my time. You don’t need to waste yours saying to me what I could/should “actually been doing” with it :slight_smile:

Second, it was an investment [of time]. I learned what changed in the Blender 2.5 API, I have suggestions for further improvements and I provided a working example of an integrated script with Blender.

Third, I do think this can be useful. It always a matter of how you use it. I originally coded an integration with Blender and twitter as a way to remotely notify me of renders [link].

Anyways, I like to believe that your original thought is that Twitting is a waste of time, not necessarily this work here.

Best regards !

Nice script! It can be very useful to keep a live log of my projects’ progress. The integration with Twitter it’s a plus, as it provides a good way to show off… Though I don’t have any followers yet, that doesn’t mean this script is a waste. :wink:

Nice script, but I cant seem to get it to work… i’m using rev 23116. When I run the script, it gives me a bunch of errors, like “no module named __socket”, a allot more with scripts in the file.

How about making an IRC client? For chatting whilst doing speed challenges etc.

That would be tough… has anyone else got this script working?

Hey dfelinto,
Like I said the Methods used are really quite cool,
IRC client, Wiki, Repositories, Blender Yuotube channels, Tutorials, all could benefit from something like this.
So your right, my veiws on Twitter? nothing to do with 3d or Blender.
So I see it as a wasted resource, although it could be used for more productive Blender related tools.
cool test anyway.

hmm, strange. I had the feeling that Blender 2.5 has a full python 3.1 in its Maybe it’s missing some modules there. I’ll uninstall my full copy of python later and see what happens.

All the modules are there, but the ones in pyd format (that includes _socket) cannot be imported from a zip file. The solution (which will be done automatically eventually) is to unzip the file into the .blender/python folder (create it if it doesn’t exist).


i want i want =D

Aah damn, I was wanting to check out this script but the link appears to be broken.
Any chance of re-linking it or pasting it in?