Two animation questions...

Hi there,

Bit of a blender newbie here.

Two questions, 1 simple, 1 not so simple:

  1. How do you make something rotate infinitely.

  2. How would you go about making a LED animated meter, such as on a mixing desk to show sound level or on server to show traffic. My question is how would you animate it randomly, but sequentially… I’m guessing this would require some kind of scripting?

Thanks in advance,

1.) You rotate, scale or translate infinitely by changing the selected channels extrapolation mode from Constant to Linear extrapolation. This can be done in the Graph Editor window or the Dope Sheet window after you have selected the channel.

2.)Just make your LED meter out of a stack of cubes. Then parent them all to another cube. Then animate the scale of the parent along the z-axis. Once you have a z-scale channel, you can select it and add a noise modifier to simulate random movement.