Two Animations "eliminating" each other?

Hi! Is there anyway to have to actions with the same priority eliminate each other without “freezing” the armature?
I have had this problem for a long time, Thanks for your reply!

I used to have this problem too, but I realized it wasn’t getting the Actions to eliminate each other, rather to have the actions play under more precise conditions.

My lineup using expression controllers as seen above works for me all the time. So simply nothing eliminates, it simply stops when it should! Hope I helped! :smiley:

Thanks but it does not work for me apparently…
What version are you using?

Oops, :o my bad, it’s not “If A = true and B = false” there is no if. So it’s simply (A = true and B = false) I guess I’ve been doing python code a little too much! :smiley:

And I’m using the latest version, here’s a .blend to demonstrate what I was saying.

ActionEliminating.blend (503 KB)

Thanks alot!