Two animations. One armature.

Hey I have a character who needs to hold a bow and arrow while walking.

So at this time I have two action actuators attached to the armature. One actuator controls an animation which makes the legs walk (the animation only has keyframes on the legs).

The second actuator controls the upper body animation of the player holding his bow retracted. The upper body actuator is a flipper. this is a problem cause they dont want to co exist. if one plays then it will over ride the other actuator.

basically they only want to play one at a time. What am I doing wrong?

You need two separate armatures, one for torso and one for legs,

and multiple animations and animation styles for each.

Ouch! That sounds awful. is that really normal? A Leg rig and Upper body rig for one character? Sorry I’m super ignorant to proper game design

Well, for a game like resident evil it is,

As the head, arms etc, can change what they are doing without another whole animation,

(like think about aiming)

if the “line of separation” have no weights painted, and are the “center” of the armatures, the waste remains connected.

There could be a better way, but this is all I have found,

Yeah aiming is my issue. This might be my only solution. Thanks for the heads up. I could have wasted a lot more time trying to do something that doesn’t work.

Turns out I only had to switch the lower body actuator to layer 1 and leave the upper body at layer 2. i do NOT understand layers. they seem like priorities part two to me :confused:
Layers are essentially groups you assign bones to, so animating layer 1 will only effect the bones on that layer, not any of the other layers.
Another way to look at it is the same concept as multiple materials assigned to one mesh.

Not true. You can play two animations on different layers or even the same one using additive blending mode.

MrPutuLips and Kheetor. Thank you very much. I was seriously about to break everything and start over lol thank you!

Yes, as already mentioned, you can dynamically “mix” actions together by putting them on different layers, and paying attention to what channels are in use on which animation.

As a side-note about general computer work / game development: Be sure to back up your game to an external drive, or just another folder, so that if you do find that you broke something, you can roll back. I’ve (and I’m sure pretty much everyone) has made this mistake more than once before, haha.

Thanks. I have it backed up to an external hard drive. I’m terrified of getting a virus or something and losing all this work obviously lol.