Two basic modelling questions


I have two modelling-related questions that I haven’t been able to figure out.

1.) How to scale something with a specific factor, for example, sqrt(2)? Pressing ‘S’ and typing sqrt(2) obviously doesn’t work. For instance, I added an Octagon (from the ‘Regular Solids’ add-on). All edges have length sqrt(2), but I would like to scale the ones in the XY-plane to have length 2. Typing ‘S’, ‘Shift+Z’ followed by some approximation of sqrt(2) is not what I’m after.

2.) How to move a vertex or face along its normal? In some cases it’s possible to add an auxiliary edge which coincides with the normal — ‘G’, ‘G’ again and ‘C’ (remove constraint) can then be used to move a vertex along its normal.


  1. Would have to do that in object mode by inputting sqrt(2) in the scale X field and copying it to Y, then ctrl+A -> scale.
  2. Switch orientation from global to normal on the header (or alt+space -> normal), then select vertex and G, Z, Z.

Thanks JA12. Although the workflow for the first problem in Object Mode isn’t optimal, it works just fine. As for the second problem, I actually never used anything else than Global orientation. Good to know these options!