two black stripes on a lighthouse model. appears in render.

I have some problem with my lighthouse. It have two stripes in gray/black running on the side of the model in the rendered picture but it not appear in the working model.
Since i’m new to blender i have tried to find the problem but all looks fine.
I have removed the matrial and texture and it still has this two stripes running along one side of the ligthhouse.

But i still have big problems uploading images here.

select all in edit mode and ctrl N ( recalculate normals outside )

Post blend to remembering to pack any textures

Thanks. The Ctrl N did not solve it.
I hope this work. I uploaded it to as Richard suggested.

if it’s a non manifold mesh ( intersecting pieces ) ctrl N will not work unless you first seperate the pieces as seperate objects, or in space. another possibility is you have doubles, or two meshes sharing the same space. try select all >> remove doubles.

Thanks Modron you helped me again. I selected each part and removed doubles. I think i had done that but it was the whole model as one pice.

try to add an edge split modfiier and see if it solve the problem !


The case has been solved. It was doubles in the model. I have not got the time to close the case.

Hi Richard Marklew

How do you get the link into blenderart forum. The link i posted later do not semes to work. I used the link icon and pasted the adress and the correct name with .blend.