Two Boots (8/10/04: alternate render on pg 3)

Update: See page 3 for alternate version :wink:

Here’s my non-participating entry for Elysiun Challenge # 110 (“Things People Wear” theme):

Click thumbnail above to see the complete image (expand image if reduced by browser).

Click here to see the wireframe.

Made and rendered in Blender 2.33a.


robert! that is awsome. drool…more drool… even more drool! :smiley:

Good thing you arent going to be in this one because you would win again.

Excellent work again Robertt!

Only crit from would be to add some mud and scratches to them. Maybe even some dog crap or something. They look like they belong on a store shef right now.

Superbly modelled though.


Robertt, you are the freaking mack daddy. I feel like wearing those and picking up a few chicks because they’re so cool 8) . The materials look great, especially the leather and the rubber soles. The only thing that looks kinda weird is the laces, the material doesn’t work for me. But otherwise I wanna slip em on right now and lift some weights or something.


Wow, good work Robert, i’ve seen your work before I registered and you really are a seasoned blender artist, lighten the shadows beneath the boots, they’re too black.

The shoe laces must have been a challenge to make, they’re the only part I particularly like. The rest of the image overall is high quality too.

Wow, nice work!

are those your player player boots that you were to the club when your tring to pick up all the fine honies, haha
really like the work on this one, very real, did you make each and every one of those sew marks, oh man you must like pain
it has a different style then some of your other work, but it is great!
keep up the great work and big ups to brooklyn, ok i’ll stop now, playa!!!

Looks great. I like the laces particularly. The top leather needs a little work, it looks like dark clay or something of the like, not leather.

I’m glad you’re not entering, lol.


Very good work Robert, top banana in fact. Mesh modeled stitching and the laces are my fav parts.

(If they are meant to have steel toecaps, the toe sections need to be more defined in a dome shape, with a dip before the base of the lace holes. But if not, forgive me. :smiley: )


Yeah, I’d like to know how you did the shoe laces. Curves? Great looking set of boots. Like BgDM said, some dirt would be good. Their perfectly clean, but don’t look crisp and new.

Very very very nice. No crits here. How did you texture the boots, especialy the suede material? :smiley:

awesome details :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

love the laces, eyelets, stitching

blend on [!]


Great! Modeling, details, materials, camera angle - all at its best.

Spot on and very nice detailing.
They look like a pair of new boots, soleley artificial lit in a shop to me.

What texture did you use for the boots I really liked it.

He probably used pure procedurals (no images) to make the textures, any solid material that’s not made of tiles can be done without image textures.

Another impressive render Robertt. Looks great. The only thing bothering me is the top leather. It looks like clay.

great work i have a pair of those boots and looks exactly i was wodnering how do you get a picture of the wire frame?