Two button mouse and panning

I was trying to run Blender on my TabletPC yesterday (running Ubuntu 8.10), which worked fine, except for that the pen only has two buttons. Doing Alt-LMB and Alt-Ctrl-LMB worked for Rotate and Zoom, but Shift-Alt-LMB did nothing. This seems to be specific to my computer, as it works on other computers I’ve tried. Is this a setting in Ubuntu that reserves Alt-Shift for something else? Any ideas?

Only way I found to do it was using the numbpad (or actually the function key and the keyboard to emulate a numbpad, as the tablet doesn’t have one), but this is kind of an inconvenient way to do it. Or changing the preference for pan vs zoom every time, which is even more inconvenient. :slight_smile:

Hmm…yesterday must have been some kind of freak bug. Now everything works fine with nothing changed (besides a restart). Consider this problem solved!