Two cameras, one landscape, one portrait

Hi guys,
I’m trying to figure out how to have two cameras in my scene, where one would have a portrait frame, and the other would have a landscape frame. Basically, I’m trying to decide which frame I want to use for my scene, and would like to be able to switch between the cameras easily while modelling.
Changing the render dimensions unfortunately affects both cameras. Rotating the camera, also rotates the view. Any idea about how to do this?

Duplicate your scene, each scene can have different render dimensions.

Did you know that you can animate the render dimension? With one camera, set a keyframe with it in landscape and then go to frame 2 and set a keyframe with the settings in portrait.

Then you could set the end frame to 2 and do an animation, which will save both images as long as the output is still set to an image format. It will save in the directory set as the temporary folder by default, but you can specify where to save it.

@Richard_Marklew : Alright, I’ll try that, thanks!

@gradyp : Thats a great solution! I’m going to animate the scene, at some point, and that would be a nice thing to try out. I’m a total beginner at Blender (moving over from 3ds Max) so haven’t gotten to the animation part yet. When animating the camera (lets say over an interval of 100 keyframes), would it morph from landscape to portrait, or change from one keyframe to the other?

I guess it would morph, but you could do what I did once… frame 1 is one size and frame 2 is the other. I only used 2 frames, because that was all I needed.

Ok, thanks again!