Two candles and a teacup -- Update 6/6/05

For those of you who helped, I finished my spaceship-in-a-canyon animation and it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped (due only to my timing mistakes and the render time, a big thanks to those who helped). Anyways, this is my newest project. It’s a short animation of an Aesop Fable: The Brash Candlelight, and these are the three characters.

The Brash Candelight (“who has grown fat and saucy with too much grease”)

The Wise Candle

The teacup

I think they are done modeling-wise, but any comments or critiques would be appreciated. (That’s why I posted them here.)



Great models. For the candles you might like to consider subsurfae scattering, the script is available from the makehuman project.

Hehe, nice idea. Only for the Brash Candelight it looks like his arms are on backwards. The thumbs should be pointing in the opposite direction.

sornen: Thanks, I downloaded the sss script, and have fiddled with some of the settings.

Aorus: [saveface]No, I just had his hands facing palm-out.[/saveface] Thanks, I’ve fixed that. I was copying the modelling from the sage candle’s hands and, since his hands are down, his thumbs point out. I just wasn’t paying attention.

I’ve started applying materials. I’m still a noob to good texturing, so I’d like any advice you have. (For instance, why aren’t some of the candles’ fingers affected by the sss script?)


well i must say it wasnt what i was expecting :slight_smile: but i like it

Here’s some of the environment. The entire movie will take place on this counter by the window.

This is the teacup’s cabinet raytraced (and AO on default settings):
And here it is without raytracing:

It’s supposed to be small. One teacup and it’s saucer leaning against the back of the cabinet next to the teacup is all that will fit on one shelf. Raytracing helps with the glass effect, I think, but it takes a really long time to render, and this being in an animation, I think I may have to skip the raytraced simply because of that time. Also, it discolors the shelves, which I don’t like. It discolors it without AO settings too. (The counter top, wall, window, etc are not done being textured or modelled, yet.)

I would like someone to tell me why some of the candles’ fingers are grey when I applied the SSS script.


And another update on the set.

It’s almost done, I think. I have a UV sphere with halos for the stars, but since the lamp is set on halo, you can’t see the stars. Should I leave it this way (does it look good) or is there a way to get the star halos to show?

And I would like someone to help me with that problem with the SSS script. The candles’ fingers, I mean. Is that just a shadow, or did I make a mistake?