Two cents about 3D vs 2D

Hey all!

Some serious and substantive arguments to the evergoing discussion about 2D versus 3D. (mic drop)

Fixing Ethan Becker’s FAKE 3d

In this video DJ - a professional 3d artist is taking apart some art advice videos by Ethan Becker to prove that 3d artworks are always superior to 2d ones!

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This kind of video tires me… already I don’t like TV, if it’s to see a guy who thinks he’s in hollywood… emptiness instead of content, let him try the job of actor!


lol “star thang”

Particularly since “I can’t draw … dammit,” I think that 3D technology is a fine way to visualize and then produce 2D projects.

Whereas: my young nephew can sketch-out a four-color comic book on the back of a paper napkin. How nice. How very nice. I hate his guts. :wink: (Seriously: I have of course used his talents …)

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What if I told you…


That there is no 2D, but everything is 3D projected on a 2D plane…