Two Cents

And that’s a wrap on this project. Mokume inlay complete, London blue topaz set, final polish done.

refreshing and creative works - enjoyed all! nice to see from 3d to real objects.

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Hey thanks Remade, I appreciate the kind words!

Here’s a few macro shots of the ring, although not done in a professional manner…

Material and addon testing doodles…

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Working on creating my own procedural shaders for jewelry rendering applications.

Some tweaks here and there.

So I’ve learned some hard life lessons this year, the major one is never do business with family…

The lakefront lot that I was developing to build my home on is no longer an option. But that doesn’t keep me from the dream of building my own home so I keep plugging away at home designs. I’m using 2.80 to bring them to life. Eevee is just plain awesome.

2x6 walls inset between the posts and beams with plywood sheathing on the exterior. 5.5 inches of cellulose insulation for the inside. I’ll work on the house wrap, battens and exterior look next.

that exciting. I remember when I set up my casting studio.

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@DevilsDJ, sorry about the setback but only a setback.

I wanted to say thank you again for your bas relief node setup. I have been using it a lot lately and it just works.

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Glad to hear that OLG! It’s funny, I’ve only used my trick a few times since I shared it with you but now that my CNC router is back up and running I shall start tinkering again. I looked at my Blend file in 2.80 yesterday and I was able to get it working in Eevee. Seems like it might be a winner and it substantially cuts down on render times. I can share my files and findings on here if you want to check it out?

Hmmmmm, OLG I just noticed that you were already using 2.80 with some very interesting results!! I’ll share a few findings and perhaps we can compare and contrast?

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I am finding the log function is giving me a lot of fine detail adjustment ( .7-.999). Your set up was near perfect and this little addition gives just a little bit more control.

It is based on the bas-relief compression equation of C(x)=1/y log (1+x*y). I know I don’t have it perfect but it is close.

I’ve tried EEVEE and it works but it doesn’t give the same detail as cycles.

Here is a complex model with both with no post processing. Just changing render engines and not touching anything else.

Post Script: I realized I needed to up the samples on EEVEE from the default. Much better detail but still not as good as cycles.

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Hey OLG, would you mind sending me your Blend file with your node set-up, I’d love to give it a whirl, see what I can get out of it!

I decide to give Eevee a chance with some new knowledge and some new materials as well. Very happy with the results!

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Here you go. Not a lot added to your setup.

Blender AO Bas-Relief Log function.blend (659.7 KB)

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