Two Cents

(DevilsDJ) #101

Well… After a considerable amount of work I decided that I hated that house design so I started from scratch on a new one. I guess one could call it a Mid-Century Modern Timber Frame?

(DevilsDJ) #102

The idea for the house popped up while I was grubbing the pad area using a Deere 160 excavator. I’m factoring in several things now that I have had a chance to see how much light is available during the winter and summer seasons.

(DevilsDJ) #103

I also had a chance to open up some of the timbers that I have been dropping on the lot. Beetle kill white spruce for my post and beams and balsam poplar for cabinets and trim.

(DevilsDJ) #104

Attempting to factor in a few things that I have always disliked about the homes that I have lived in. One thing is why are bedrooms so large with tiny closets? The master suite is only 110 square feet but the 5/12 pitch on the roof makes for a much larger feeling to the room. Full bath to the right of that and a large walk-in closet on the other side of the bath. Loft office overlooking the living room and just enough shop space to work on a vehicle if needed.

(OLG) #105

Either plan is going to make a great looking home with the outdoor beauty you have there. The building materials you’ve shown are also gorgeous.

Fun to visualize the plans though, :smile:

(DevilsDJ) #106

It is fun visualizing the build. I have a pretty solid plan for the foundation, as well as the timber framing required. I went ahead and photographed the first beam made on the bandsaw mill, used it for UVs on the posts, beams, floor joists and roof rafters.

(DevilsDJ) #107

Here’s a few isometric views of the house with the SIPS removed for visualization purposes.

(DevilsDJ) #108

I realized that after I had posted those isometric cutaways that I had goofed on the stair placement. Oops… Good thing I have all winter to work the bugs out of my design.

(DevilsDJ) #110

I decided to play around with Eevee. It’s amazing, can’t wait for 2.80s release!

(DevilsDJ) #114

A little something for my wife. It’ll be a challenge to inlay the mokume gane centerpiece but I’m looking forward to it. Cycles render, 256 samples, filmic.

(DevilsDJ) #115

The ring was just a bit too busy with the Celtic knot work so I removed all of it. I’m attempting to simulate a diamond as the stone but it obviously still needs work. No post processing was done, straight cycles render saved as a PNG. Anyone have a good diamond material?

(DevilsDJ) #116

Tweaked the stone material a bit. Still not perfect but hey it’s good enough for what I’m trying to accomplish.

(DevilsDJ) #117

Several modifications were needed. I based the mokume inlay on some 18 gage sheet stock I’ll be ordering this week. I also worked on the diamond material, pretty darn happy with how it looks.

(DevilsDJ) #118

Still tinkering with this one. I really didn’t like the prongs but I’m having difficulty finding something that I like.

(DevilsDJ) #119

Screw it, roundcubes for prongs it is. Last render before the 3D print, render done in Cycles, 1024 samples at 3072x3072 pixels, 1:24:36 render time using a Nvidia Titan Black.

(DevilsDJ) #120

I couldn’t help myself. Those prongs bothered me too much so I changed them. Boolean Bevel worked wonders for getting the transition I was looking for.

(DevilsDJ) #121

A few more tweaks and then boolean the whole thing. Everything done in Blender. Printed in B9 Emerald Green casting resin.

(DevilsDJ) #122

First batch of 3D prints had some issues so I decided to do a second one. While I waited on the printing I thought I might have fun with a few more renders.

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