Two Cents

(OLG) #125

Gorgeous design. Can’t wait to see the physical sample. :slight_smile:


(DevilsDJ) #126

Thank you OLG! I’m going to adjust a few of the detail pieces due to not having enough depth for polishing purposes once cast. Overall though I think it’s coming along nicely. I went ahead and rendered some of the wire frame to see if Freestyle would work.

(DevilsDJ) #127

A sapphire it shall be. The stone is an 8mm round synthetic sapphire. The photos are of the 3D printed model, printed at 20 micron layer thickness using my Solus DLP printer in B9 Emerald casting resin.

(DevilsDJ) #128

Heck of a weekend. I tried a few new tricks on the printer and my renders. Volumetric SSS material to look like B9 Emerald resin and I worked out an idea with printing larger rings.

(DevilsDJ) #129

I decided to have some fun with my renders. All done with the same settings, no post production. Cycles, 1024 samples, Denoise, Filmic Color Management.

(DevilsDJ) #130

Calling this one done for now.

(DevilsDJ) #131

(DevilsDJ) #132

Quick animation rendered in Cycles.

(DevilsDJ) #133

A project is never really done is it? Last renders before my materials show up for making the ring a reality.

Animation of the ring using Cycles, Denoise and Filmic.

(DevilsDJ) #134

I got bored waiting for my pieces to show up so I thought I’d have fun studying some materials.

Copper and Sterling Silver mokume sheet from Rio Grande for the inlay.

(DevilsDJ) #135

My wife decided that she’d like to have a topaz in it, I have to say I do like the color of this particular stone. Next I’ll cut the mokume and fit into the shank. Casting done by imaterialize, these guys do a fantastic job.

I also played around with some materials in Cycles. I’m calling that portion of this project done.

(DevilsDJ) #136

And that’s a wrap on this project. Mokume inlay complete, London blue topaz set, final polish done.

(Remade) #137

refreshing and creative works - enjoyed all! nice to see from 3d to real objects.

(DevilsDJ) #138

Hey thanks Remade, I appreciate the kind words!

Here’s a few macro shots of the ring, although not done in a professional manner…

(DevilsDJ) #139

Material and addon testing doodles…

(DevilsDJ) #140

Working on creating my own procedural shaders for jewelry rendering applications.

(DevilsDJ) #141

Some tweaks here and there.

(DevilsDJ) #142

So I’ve learned some hard life lessons this year, the major one is never do business with family…

The lakefront lot that I was developing to build my home on is no longer an option. But that doesn’t keep me from the dream of building my own home so I keep plugging away at home designs. I’m using 2.80 to bring them to life. Eevee is just plain awesome.

(DevilsDJ) #143

(DevilsDJ) #144