two clouds

This is a little image a made from playing around with the volumetric cloud tutorial. I gave them faces and made 1 happy 1 sad. I’m thinking of making an animation about this. Enjoy! look at it full sized to see faces clearly.


P.S. its kinda flawed because I just made it in an afternoon, and its only my 2nd month of blender.

Cute. I’ve been meaning to give the volumetrics system a try myself (Haven’t gotten around to it yet)

if you want to get into it, check out the tutorial here: its quite easy once you get the hang of it. Just edit ALL of the colors (transmittion, emit or whatever and reflection) to get the right color. Also, don’t think of it is a normal material which just covers it in color, think of it as a cloud. It may not blend very well. Also, too avoid having the whole color change from only changing the color of a certain part, in the non-default color uncheck light cache. Hope this helps!

Nice so far!! … But try out Cloud Generator which is included in blender 2.53 (beta)!! … File - User Preferences - Add-Ons - Object - enable Cloud Generator. Than make a cube or some other mesh and hit “Generate Cloud” on the left side (Tool shelf) … you can edit the color and the results are awesome!!! And that with some clicks!!


PS.: This is also a great methode to make smoke trails for still images!!!

never knew about the cloud generator. Blender keeps getting better and better. Thanks!

Just tried out cloud generator, doesn’t exactly work how I want it too. Very useful though. Thanks.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll keep them in mind when I get into it. There’s a lot of Blender tutorials I want to get around to doing actually. I’ve just gotta find the time lol