Two cosmic game projects

Hi! Some time ago I participated in two cosmic game projects. Everything I did in blender 2.5. Modeling, sculpting, baking, uv unwrapping.

All screens you can see on my facebook:

Whoa. These textures are AMAZING! Good job! How many polys do they have? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree good job, textures keep it looking good with a low poly count.

Thanks guys!

Hi-poly model: 3-6 millions of triangles. I divided a model to 3-5 parts (objects) to get usable sculpting mode and baking without any problems with memory. Sometimes I did not sculpted but used subsurf modifier.
Low-poly model: 3-5 thousands of triangles.

Textures were made with gimp - color, specular. Normal map was baked in blender.