two different camera viewports?

Hey everyone,

Is it possible to set a viewport to show from a non active camera?

I’m setting up a camera rig, and I like to see the main camera in one viewport, then at the same time in another viewport see through a birds eye camera parented to the main camera from above. That way no matter where I animate the main camera too, I’ve always got a centered close up view from above that I can use to make adjustments to the rigging controls of the main camera.

So I set the main camera to active and use ctrl-0 to set a viewport to show it, then I set the second camera to active and use ctrl-0 in another viewport, and that viewport shows the view from the second camera. But the problem is, the first viewport also switches to the second camera.

Any ideas?

Simon O

Don’t Parent the cameras and unlock the Layers in both Viewports.


Cool, that’s it, thanks Fligh…