Two different results from parenting objects

I have a scene with multiple objects that I want to group together by parenting them to an empty. For some reason I don’t understand, some of the parented objects don’t get their geometry inside the parent hierarchy.

I parented two similar objects under an empty. One has its geometry moved from the main “Collection” to under the parent but the other one is still left in the main “collection” and what I see under the parent is a grayed out sort of reference to the object. I would like it to be moved under the parent.

Why do I get those two different behaviors from what seems to be the same operation?
How can I get the object to be moved under the parent?

A picture would be worth a thousand words :
Blender Capture 001

Well I found a thread the explain that the hierarchy is properly displayed when the outliner is in scene mode. So I did switch to scene mode and problem solved.

However, I’d still like to understand the meaning of the two different ways of representing the hierarchy in layer mode if someone care to explain.


Select the greyed out object. Hit M and move it into the same collection as the Empty and non greyed out object. Parenting objects does not move objects between collections.

Ah yes. I just did moved those objects from “Collection” to “Scene Collection” and the objects moved to their assigned parent.

Thank you.

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