two different version of blender on the same computer

(Kirilov) #1

is it possible to install two different version of blender on the same computer?

because i need to use Ika and it seems that on the latest version there isn’ this function :frowning:
but I want to learn the game section and the new functions of the latest version…

thank u
bye bye!

(S68) #2


Blender is very polite and does not mess up registries, you can install as many version as you want.

For IKAs, Versions 2 hasen’t got, they have armatures.

Armatures are better are you sure you want to downgrade?


(Kirilov) #3

STEFANO i really don’t know how to use armatures…if u know a tutorial it will be fantastic! :wink:

but can i import files with ikas on new version of blender.???.and is it possible to download latest version of Blender on NAN site?

thank u very much

(S68) #4

For armature tutorial

is not far away :slight_smile:

For Blender 2.2X see or follow the ring links

For importing old IKA files I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


(Kirilov) #5

is there a book or a manual or a good tutorial to learn to program REAL TIME ENGINES in Blender…??

I want to move a camera in real time inside a scene which I have created…it would be nice :smiley:

(haunt_house) #6

When it comes to Armatures, I always throw this one in:
much fun