Two display issues

Hi, I just installed blender 2.49b on my new laptop, although these problems also existed when I was running 2.49a. I’m running vista 64 bit, with the 64 bit version of blender 2.49b

The first problem is that when I render a scene, nothing appears in the render window, it just stays black, until the render is complete and I drag the render window. I have it set to render in the default 16 parts, but nothing appears until I drag the window.

The other issue is that whenever a menu is opened, the start-up image is displayed around it, and appears over the screen until the view is changed or a button is pressed.

Thanks, Kevin

That definitely sounds like the problem is on your computer. Possible the graphics card.
I have 2.49a on an XP and 2.49b on a Mac and haven’t seen that problem.
Outside of updating the drivers for your graphic cards I don’t know what else you can try.

Hi Nivek

I have exact same problems with my laptop. Im new to Blender and the site and have came across your post on this subject. I still have no solution but will let you know if anything transpires. :slight_smile:

Slightly different set up though. Cant tell which version of Blender but it is 2.49. Cant see if version a or b
due to graphic covering it up as mentioned.

Vista 32bit
Acer Aspire

Whilst writing i went to computer - control panel - performance and information tools - adjust visual effects ! I then checked the “adjust for best performance” tab and that has solved the problem. For now i have not managed any other way for doing this. I can also now see the start up splash screen for blender that was show through. I now know im on version 2.49a



It appears the problem, for me at least, lies in having “desktop composition” enabled. Everything else in the visual effects options can be enabled, and as long as desktop composition is disabled, the display issues seem to be resolved. However, after doing this, blender freezes after an image is rendered, do you have that problem too, fruityboy?

Where is desktop compostition enabled from? Oh i see it. I havent rendered anything nivek. I will just now.

Ok! I loaded monkey mesh and rendered the scene. ~Seems ok :slight_smile:

ok i did the render again with only desktop composition disabled. It renders. but when i quit the render window then a black background where the window was covers the screen. Back to adjust best performance and it does the same :frowning:

Hmm, if I don’t actually close the render, blender doesn’t freeze, it isn’t until I close the render window that it freezes, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? It only happens when desktop composition is turned off.

Still not any further on with this. Seems its been a problem for a little while though. people pointing the finger to vista and /or graphics card compatability. Only option i can see at the mo is to minimise the render window instead of opening it… Still looking though.