Two face normals issue

Hi, I know this is possible because I remember reading it. I just can’t remember how to or find the post anywhere. I’m trying to make my face two sided for texturing. i.e. At the moment I only have one set of normals from my face and I can just flick them back and forth. :mad: And I was on a roll before I hit this to.

a face has only one normal but can have two sides with 2 textures with the doulbe face feature but never have used this before
hope somebody can tell us how you do this little trick


Yep that’s what I’m after I’l do another search.

In both edit and normal mode there is a tab called mesh, below autosmooth is the double sided button. Is that what you are after?

I believe what you are looking for is the two-side option in texture face panel. This panel is in the edit buttons in edit mode only if you have UV textures.

is there a wiki page explaining how to use this feature

never did that before just use two sides volume like a cube but then you got 2 faces

in any case if you look at the message on this button
it’s indicated it has something to do wiht lighting

if you know any good tut on this i dlike to know more about it

i did a tewst with 2 plane and this doulbe thing
and i don’t see any change?

can you make a file with 2 example showing the differences
i like to study it a little


Yes afalldorf that’s what I was trying to achieve thanks.
What does the double sided button do then, like Ricky I could not see any affect.