Two Face

Hi All!
This is one of my example project for my blender book. I have made the full tutorial step by step to explain how to finish it from modeling to render and composition.

The render engine is blender interior and render time is 30mins. The sculpt is done in Blender and all the texture painting is done in photoshop.

You could check the wip thread for my book:

----------------------update for BWC version

Hope you like it. =)

waaah!! that’s scarry…I mean realy i whould not want to meat that guy in a dark alley.
nice job :slight_smile:

Congrats! Great Job, I like the Blender Skull tie he’s wearing, very good job, five star rating I’d say.

Thanks man =)

Wow very scaring 好可怕 but very good.

:smiley: I’m glad to see you like it, even such scaring~~ haha 谢谢;)

Mmmmm yum yum extra crispy.

I have modified one version and submit it to this year’s BWC. Don’t want to miss the game =)